101 Series

The entire Mexican series embodies the lively spirit of the Mexican people and their vibrant culture. I was moved to create this series while at an art retreat in Oaxaca, Mexico. As I soaked in the fascinating work of local artisans, I became enchanted by the rich storytelling their work portrays. Much of Mexican art is filled with brilliant colors, patterns, animals, and other symbolic objects. Since that experience, my colors are brighter, and my work is free-flowing and alive with meaningful animal and nature images.

The Spirit of Mexico series consists of 12 paintings –  on watercolor paper, canvas, and wood panels. In the watercolor section, I have created “Love and Protection,” “Birds of Paradise,” “New Life,” I Love You to the Moon and Back,” “Young Love,” and “Waiting.” The work I placed on canvas includes “Swans,” and “Down the Rabbit Hole”