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Hello Dreamers!

Artist Carol Tasker here, and I am so glad that you happened upon my website. 

I create “Dreamscapes” for Dreamers.  Color me delighted to share them with you. These are my signature creations reflecting a magical world conjured up by my playful imagination.

Every dream begins with a dreamer, so dream along with me as you journey through my work. Click through and linger in a world filled with colorful fantasy. I promise the ride will be fun as you delve into layer upon layer of these intuitive creations. I hope you smile much and laugh loud as you immerse yourself in my crazy, vibrant work.

Wishing you sweet dreams today, tomorrow, and always!

Love Carol ❤️


Painting is my passion, and it makes my soul sing. I spend every day playing in my studio creating more art. My goal is to capture a sense of fun plucked from my imagination, my love of nature, sense of family, and my inner child.

We are all creatives. Some of us use words to design a love story, others turn to music or dance. My method of letting love flow into the world involves my art. Whenever my soul is overflowing with thoughts of the beauty of nature, (which is often) I paint it out. That’s right. I assemble my acrylic paints, pick up my instrument of choice and begin. Then I follow where my creative pull takes me. 

My Blogs

Flower Power

Flower Power

“I must have flowers, always and always” – Claude Monet. Monet could not have described my feelings more succinctly.

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My love of dogs shows up in my life, my dreams, and my art. Here I am, years ago, posing with the very first dog to offer me unconditional love. His name was Shane, and we were inseparable. Often, I dressed him up in ridiculously funny hats and did comical drawings of him.  He was the sweetest boy and was so patient with me. Since Shane, I have had 5 gorgeous and loving Yorkshire Terriers. There was Bruno, Yogi, Benji, Poppy, Chewy and Lil Benj.

Sending love and sunshine

Carol x x  ❤️