Flower Power

Flower Power

These paintings were started in my studio in Cape Town, South Africa and were finished off in my studio in Highland Beach Florida in the United States. They are a combination of my memories of “Home”, my family and my love of flowers, plants and animals. Flowers and plants are our life force and their seeds our future. 

 I created these paintings by layering lots of paint onto the canvas using various mark making techniques. I use layers of cool colors, warm colors and then added black and white. Through these layers I start to see images emerging which I elaborate on and add details to, create new interesting patterns and shapes. It is a playful process for me. I love doodling fine details onto my paintings using acrylic paint pens, inks and markers.

It will bring you a lifetime of happiness. 

This series of paintings create a cohesive whole measuring 41 x 60. It is made up of 9 x - 12in x 12in paintings and 2 x 20in x 20in paintings. They are photographed on a white wall and are sold as one piece.
Fellow flower lovers, ready to assemble this on your wall?

Summer time # 4

Marc Chagall sums up the meaning of flowers.

You could wonder for hours what flowers mean, but for me, they’re life itself, in all its happy brilliance. We couldn’t do without flowers. Flowers help you forget life’s tragedies.


Marc Chagall painted with a child like quality, creating colorful scenes from his memories. He loved bold vibrant colors. He believed love was everything in life. I believe that love is happiness. 

 Flowers are in every single painting I create. Flowers are my happiness. They speak to my soul and for me they symbolize love, beauty and joy.  Color brings them to life. The daisy and the lotus are my flower symbols and you will find them popping up in all of my paintings. Another symbol I use in almost all my paintings is the heart.  I use the heart shape in many of my paintings to symbolize love.