We Are All in This Together

Ready to play in a land of enchantment? These pieces will light up your world.

Our worlds have been rocked by events related to the pandemic. During this challenging period, I believe it is necessary to celebrate moments of good news. We cannot let pain cancel out joy, so my contribution to help brighten a dark and hurting world is found in this series.

 As of this writing, there are five metal pieces. To delight the imagination, I created “Blue Dog Comes Home” , “Green Man and Friends on Turtle Island,” “Around the World,” “Look After Those You Love,” and “Family First.”

 Anxiety cannot change the future, so three of the five recognize how we sought peace by praying and supporting family and friends, often from afar while hunkering down place.

While humans dealt with the virus, the animal kingdom was left unchanged. Birds still flew, squirrels hunted acorns, and turtles laid their eggs on the beach. My turtle island piece celebrates mama returning to the sea while later, the babies begin digging out and start their life journey.

Let’s celebrate goodness and light. Enjoy the artworks, soak in all the detail and immerse your senses in a series created to leave you feeling joyous and peaceful.

Green man & friends on turtle island


I created the series “We are all in this together” whilst we were confined to our homes due to the crazy spreading of the COVID-19 pandemic. In early 2020, I was recovering from foot surgery and had to stay in bed.
I couldn’t get to my studio to paint so I decided to teach myself how to draw in Procreate on my iPad.
This is how the series was created. My 5 artworks/drawings took me 2 years to complete as I added as much detail as possible. I stated off using a shape that looked similar to the shape of the COVID 19 virus, even adding small Red Virus shapes that you can see in – “Green Man & friends on Turtle Island”.
After I completed my series of five artworks, I decided to create a comfortable, crazy colorful set of leggings to cheer me up.
Here are my five designs that are sure to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. I hope you love them as much as I do.