Carol Tasker Fun Facts

Twenty years ago, my husband dubbed me Bazil. My nickname stems from the spikey way I wore my red hair, which reminded him of Basil Brush, a fictional red fox who appeared on British children’s television. My Bazil is with a Z.

When I am not in my studio, you can find me on the couch deeply engrossed in a novel, having a sundowner on the beach, or hanging with friends cooking enticing entrees and chilling with a glass of mellow champagne.

I love hearts! You can find them reappearing in most of my paintings. The more, the merrier! (No big surprise that Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday, eh?)

Over thirty years ago, I married the love of my life. We now make our home in Highland Beach, Florida, USA, where I spend blissful hours working in my studio.

I am blessed with two exceptional children, Michael, who calls London home, and Ashleigh, who lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

Gardening is a pastime I adore, and over the years, I created several proper English gardens. I can smell the lavender each time I think of them. My idea of happy times includes an extensive vegetable and herb garden. Pure bliss!

I possess a passion for photography, and to that end, I compounded my art with a series of photos. You find me with a water buffalo, pelicans (my favorite birds who seem to reappear in my life constantly), dogs, flamingos, and the monkeys who stole the show during a trip to Thailand.