Bazil’s Circus

The Power of Love


Do you know who Bazil is? I have mentioned it somewhere on the website. See if you can find it.

“The Power of Love” – Acrylic paint, inks & markers on canvas

36 in x 48 in

Don’t count your Chickens - we are not coming home

Other pieces in this series include “Don’t Count Your Chickens – We Are Not Coming Home”, created to represent my devotion to family. “Circus Life”, “Heavens Above” and “Clowning Around” all depicting the laughter and joy derived from acts performed by clowns, trapeze artists, and jugglers. These are produced on canvas.

Want to add to your dream collection?

Art on Paper - “101 Dreams”

Animals in their natural habitat, free to run & play When I came across an old book about the circus, my active imagination raced ahead, tossing around ideas for this lively series. The paper I extracted from the book was an imperfect mixture; some pages were torn, some with dings and dents, and others just showing age. To my delight, the imperfections added authenticity to the circus concept and my interpretation of life under the big tent.  The old book was a great find, and here’s why:

❤️ This paper, created years ago, is thicker, has substantial texture, and after applying a ground-like gesso, it became the ideal surface for my paints.

❤️ This medium ideally suited the heartfelt intent of my series “Bazil’s Circus – 101 Dreams.” As I applied my paint strokes, the animals ran freely on the pages, no longer in captivity, which is my dream.

Here is a visual of what it would look like to group 2, 4, 6, 8, or 12 together.

Please note that some areas of various dreamscapes have jagged edges where they were torn from the circus book. The ragged edges are intentional adding yet another dimension to the painting. There are also three sizes. Small 7 in x 10 in, medium 7.6 in x 11 in and large 9 in x 12 in.

My “101 Dreams” series is ongoing. On display above are some of the completed dream segments. The remainder is a work in progress. But do check back often as I continually add more when they are ready. Here is how they look just starting out.

In keeping with my intuitive style, these paintings were created layer upon layer until playful images transferred from my imagination, arriving without notice or advanced warning onto paper. Doodling is a whimsical form of art that I enjoy, so I spend time adding in fine details using acrylic paint pens, inks, and markers.

Coming Home