About me

History of The Artist

Are you an artistic dreamer? If the answer is yes, we are kindred spirits. But we all start somewhere, don’t we? Although I’ve been drawing and painting for decades, the groundwork was laid at “Tall Timbers,” my parent’s home in Keighley, which is a small village in Yorkshire, England.

Our quiet cul-de-sac and backyard tucked into a magnificent forest. Think trees and lush plants dotted with trumpet-shaped English bluebells. Gazing at their deep-violet blooms may have birthed my love for vibrant colors. Surrounded by nature, I delighted in watching rabbits frolic and deer pause to lap up the cool, clear water from the stream running through our back garden.

Our family immigrated to South Africa when I was five years old. Growing up in Johannesburg provided the opportunity to explore the botanical gardens and soak in the beauty of nature. It was there that I developed a crazy obsession with flowers. And, like most young children, I loved animals of every species, especially dogs. These passions remain locked deep in my soul and transfer to my art.

Next came love, marriage, and a transition to Cape Town. My spouse and I built a home on the foothills of a mountain. We viewed a vast mountain range, the valley below, and the brilliant blue sea in the distance. My love and I created a garden filled with flora and fauna, which attracted birds like eagles, owls, and the beloved guinea fowl.

A few years ago, we moved to the United States. Our Florida condo overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. The 12th-floor elevation provides a bird’s eye view of pelicans, seagulls, and majestic eagles. Looking out to the ocean, I can spot sharks, schools of fish, and Loggerhead and Leatherback turtles during the nesting season. Due to these blessings, I am never at a loss for artistic inspiration.

The Art Evolves

To add to my formal education in visual arts, over the years, I’ve taken many courses, participated in numerous creative workshops, and traveled far and wide to art retreats. I have encountered and learned from so many talented and inspiring teachers.

I worked as a generalist in my early art career, focusing on drawing, painting, and sculpture. As my work progressed, I concentrated on conceptual art, working with photographs from my travels and layering them with new images I manipulated in Photoshop. These layered images told new stories about my life. In retrospect, I can see from the inception I was already creating dreamscapes.

In 2011 I learned a new style of intuitive painting that took my breath away. It was then that I committed to making art my full-time career, and never looked back. I continue focusing on intuitive art due to my desire to create fun, happy paintings that bring joy to the viewer.

My Skills.

I begin my paintings by generously layering acrylic paint and ink in a selection of colors onto the canvas using various mark-making techniques. Layer upon layer images emerge. My next step is to incorporate detail. It is during this process that a colorful, harmonious painting develops. I follow my intuitive nature and doodle fine details utilizing acrylic paint pens, inks, and markers.Sometimes my quirky side takes over, and I use unconventional tools such as feathers, sticks, corks, stamps, and empty containers. Working this way allows an entire painting to arise from my imagination.

What evolves is what I term “dreamscapes” that draw the viewer into colorful, magical kingdoms. That’s where fun and fantasy abound!I create a magical world with thought-provoking, inviting, addictive images. My intent is to bring joy and happiness to the viewer as they focus attention to all the fine details and hidden treasures. The longer you spend studying my paintings, you’ll discover more and more images to delight your senses.


My series “Bazil’s Circus” exemplifies how my creative, flexible mind works. This vibrant series has many practical applications and can be embedded on furniture, textiles, greeting cards, and other accessories such as mugs, plates and cellphone cases.

Conjuring up my lighthearted inner child led me to create dreamscapes I call “101 Dreams,” which I think of like a box of brilliant bright dreams. The work depicts a story of love and pure fun that families glean from watching trapeze acts, dancers, tightrope walkers, jugglers, and joyous big-footed clowns.

My heartfelt mission in “101 Dreams” is to free all the circus and other animals in captivity, allowing them to roam unleashed to enjoy their natural habitat. In this work, the animals play with gleeful abandon, experiencing all kinds of fun and just a tad of naughtiness.

Ongoing Series

Drawing on my experience at a retreat in Oaxaca, Mexico, where I studied with inspirational artists and artisans, I channeled my work in a brighter, more free-flowing manner. At the scheduled workshop outings, I encountered fascinating artists, sculptors, potters, and rug weavers. Their animal sculptures and paintings deeply resonated with me. Thus, my love of animals kicked in and I began my ongoing “Spirit of Mexico” series.

In this body of work I’ve introduced symbolic creatures which are meaningful to me, resulting in colorful, vivid fun-loving characters arriving on my canvases using lively Mexican colors. Featured are dogs, pelicans, and my favorite, the donkey, an animal I hold closely to my heart to further the creature theme. (I sponsor a Donkey Sanctuary in South Africa, which provides a refuge for abused, neglected, and elderly donkeys.)

The Covid-19 virus impacted our lives in 2020, which goes down in history as a year of pain, suffering, and loss. Fittingly my latest body of work, an ongoing series, is called “We Are All in This Together”. I work on canvas, and have drawings printed on to metal and a range of beautiful colorful leggings.


All my work is a display of unity, compassion, and love which is why I incorporate flowers into some pieces.

The inherent beauty of flowers always tangos through my creative genes. I delight at the happiness and joy they speak into my soul.

I am captivated by Marc Chagall’s “Meaning of the Flower” and love his quote,
“Flowers help you forget life’s tragedies.”

Wanting to add more symbols reflecting peace and tranquility, I added swans, turtles and my all-time favorite dogs, dogs, and more dogs.

I hope that these crazy, colorful pieces bring a moment of peace and joy to all who view them.

Now that I have shared my passions, background, and art techniques with you, let your dreamer run free as you view my work. Take some time to linger and enjoy the magic. And do come back often. Your dreams are always welcome here!

May all your dreams be bright and beautiful,

Love Carol ❤️