Flower Power

Flower Power

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“I must have flowers, always and always” – Claude Monet

Monet could not have described my feelings more succinctly. This painting is a member of my Flower Power series which began in my Cape Town, South Africa studio.

Cynthia was my dearly beloved mother-in-law, and one of the greatest gardeners I know. Her roses were spectacular and her garden was a Riot of color all year round. You will notice the theme of my adoration for flowers coupled with the love of family. One of my many blessings was a second mother who shared with me her appreciation of nature. We spent many hours together at horticultural shows, garden centers, and, of course, on our knees planting and tending to the flowers and vines in our gardens.

My current home in Florida is filled with flowers, especially orchids. No surprise, right? Summers in the Sunshine State produce popular varieties of orchids. I adore the beautiful pinks, lilac, yellow and white. Not only do I experience a natural high contemplating their beauty, lovely memories of Cynthia and me tug at my heartstrings.