We are all in this together

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Around the World

This painting is part of my ongoing series entitled We Are All in This Together which I began during Covid. My desire to reach out and hug all those who were hurting translated on canvas as love in the round depicting our brothers and sisters worldwide. Love is a circular act. In Around the World we cling to a strong bond with our fellow citizens. Woven into this canvas you will find flowers to enchant our senses and animals to guide us along.

I used an intense shade of green for the earth, a color symbolizing harmony, safety, and security. The energy of the hue also promotes healing, something we need in the aftermath of this coronavirus that placed its foothold in every nation. Warm colors were applied to signify hope.

Many visitors to my site tell me this is one of their favorites. Perhaps you will feel the same way. I wish you love wherever you are. ❤️