The Spirit of Mexico


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Acrylic paint, inks and markers on canvas

Swans are symbols of love as they find their soul mate and live together for life in a loyal and loving relationship. Swans are graceful, they glide through the water silently. The beauty of their white bodies are said to represent purity, femininity and the majesty of the sun. They also remind us to seek the beauty within ourselves and to flourish and grow. My husband is my swan and our family is number one in my life.

Dogs are found in most of my paintings and they teach us about the joy of pure unconditional love and the power of playfulness. I adore dogs in all shapes and sizes. They have boundless energy. I watch them playing on the beach, paddling and swimming in the water. They know how to have fun and are fiercely loyal and loving. 

Flowers, trees and plants are in every single painting I create. Flowers are my happiness. They speak to my soul and for me symbolize love, beauty and pure joy. Natures colors are hard to recreate as they are truely magnificent. The daisy and the lotus are my flower symbols and you will find them popping up in all my artworks. Trees represent life and strength for me. They are said to offer “physical and spiritual nourishment” (on-line). Another symbol I use in almost all my paintings is the heart as it represents love and compassion.